Longhorn Meat Co. offers the highest quality regionally sourced artisan and exotic meats. We humanely process game and farm meats, provide special order cuts, and offer a wonderful selection of our private label marinades, sauces, and spices in our local Auburn butcher shop.

Meat Selection

Exotic Meats

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Longhorn Meat Co. offers an excellent selection of exotic meats sourced locally from the Sacramento Valley. We carry the highest quality venison, elk, buffalo, veal, turkey, rabbit, duck, and lamb. For those with a taste for the truly exotic, Longhorn also provides crocodile, python, and frog legs.

During the holiday season, we offer all natural, free range Branigan turkeys from Woodland. Prime rib and crown roasts are holiday favorites.

Butchering Services

Humanely processing meat from the farm or the hunt in the same way since 1976. Our artisan method of hand-cutting meat may be old-fashioned, but we believe delivering the best quality meat is worth the extra time and attention.